Beginner’s Guide to Wearing Contact Lenses

liu Flora Nov 03, 2022

If you’re considering switching to contact lenses and haven’t used them before, it’s completely normal to feel a little nervous. Though it might take a few days to adjust to wearing lenses, it’s all pretty simple, and you won’t even notice you’re wearing them in no time!

Getting the hang of wearing and caring for your contact lenses takes patience and practice. It’s important to follow some guidelines to ensure the health of your eyes is always the top priority, as it is ours. Once you’ve mastered the art, you can get creative with Kilala’s spectrum of colored lenses.


  1. Cleanliness

Lenses should always be handled with clean, just-washed hands to avoid the risk of any infection. Avoid soaps with additional oils or perfumes, as they can stick to the surface of the lens. Dry your hands with tissue or a lint-free cloth to avoid particles clinging to the lens.


  1. Check your contact lens.

Lenses can sometimes turn inside out in the case or when removed. It’s essential to double-check check they are the right side out before inserting them in the eye. You can do this by placing the lens on the tip of your finger and holding it up to the light. It should look like a bowl with edges that do not turn out. If the edges are turning out, turn the lens the right way by very gently pushing the middle of the lens. Inspect it for any tears or other damage. Use contact lens solution to rinse the lens before use.

  1. Inserting your contact lenses

Always use your dominant hand to insert the contact lens, and the other hand to hold your upper and lower eyelids. Slowly, bring the contact lens toward your eye. Place it on your eye while looking up, then slowly blink a few times to let the lens adjust, followed by a full rotation of the eyes. Continue with your other eye.

  1. Removing your contact lenses

As before, thoroughly wash and dry your hands. If you are using reusable lenses, clean the storage box with solution. Open your eye wide and slowly pull the lens downwards to the white of your eye, then gently pinch the lens with your index and thumb fingers and allow it to pop out. Dispose of daily lenses. Otherwise, clean the lenses with solution and place them in their storage case; fill the case with solution.

  1. Have fun!

Opticians recommend using the highest quality lenses to protect your eyes and proper care and cleanliness of the lens and eyes to ensure optimum sight improvement. That’s why Kilala-colored lenses are infused with moisturizing hyaluronic acid, and a complimentary lens case is provided with every order. Now the serious bit is covered, explore Kilala’s range of striking eye hues, from Clear Sky Blur to Mist Brown and everything in between.