Colored Contact Lenses

Here are all the colored eye contacts of Kilala. Now to discover our all products and enjoy the ultimate shopping experience!

How to put on colored contact lenses?

1. Wash and dry your hands well.

2. Check that the lens is not inside out.

3. Place the lens on the fingertip of your index finger (left index finger for left eye, right index finger for right eye). Be careful not to mix up the left and right lenses.

4. Open your eye by gently holding onto the upper eyelid with the opposite hand, and the bottom eyelid using the middle finger of the same hand that holds the lens.

5. Smoothly place the lens onto your eye.

6. Blink a few times and move your eyes from left to right to settle the lens.

Where can i buy colored contacts?

When you're hesitantly wandering around the colored contact lenses websites looking for the right pair of colored contacts for you. Why not take a look at kilalaeye, we have a professional team with innovative lens designs to give you a comfortable and enjoyable experience, have fun with kilala color contact lenses. But regardless of which type of colored contacts you want or need, a professional fitting and a contact lens prescription from a licensed eye doctor is required.

What is prescription colored contact lenses?

Prescription colored contacts change your eye color and also correct myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) or astigmatism

What is non-prescription colored contact lenses?

Non-prescription colored contacts change your eye color only. They have no lens power to correct vision problems. (These are also called plano colored contacts.)