Daily Contacts

Easy to use, comfortable to wear. Daily contacts is your best choice!

Can I wear daily contact lenses on a plane?

We recommend against wearing your contacts on the plane.  Because the dry air of an aircraft cabin can dehydrate your eyes and make your contact lenses less comfortable than usual.  Although Kilala daily contact lenses can keep your eyes hydrated all day, in this dry environment, we can't promise to make your eyes comfortable 100 percent.

Are daily contacts better for dry eyes?

Daily contact lenses are typically more suitable for dry eyes. The use of a fresh set of lenses every day can help prevent the accumulation of debris and associated discomfort.

Kilala's daily contacts that have high oxygen content (up to 14.8 mmHg) and hyaluronic acid can relieve the symptoms of dry eyes. Some silicone hydrogel daily contacts from Kilala are also the appropriate options for dry eyes.

How to remove daily contact lenses?

Wash and dry your hands.

Keep your eyes hydrated and use your finger to fix your eyelids.

Then squeeze to remove the lens with the pointer finger and thumb.

Can I reuse daily contacts?

The answer is a resounding NO! Daily contacts are made not as thick as those long-term contacts like monthly/ Half-yearly/ Yearly contacts.

The material of daily lens is soft and thinner, which is not constructed for withstanding frequent insertion, removal and friction while using. The lens would be damaged after one day use, which will reduce the oxygen to reach to your eye and eventually increase the risk of eye infection.

So, it is not suggested to wear daily contacts more than once.