Purple Contacts

Kilala pruple contact lenses will give you a romantic and elegant apperance.

KOKO Pink-Purple Colored Contacts | Monthly

$12.24 $36.00

Saturn Pink-Purple Contact Lenses | Daily, 10 pcs

$12.24 $36.00

Tequila Purple Contacts | Half-Yearly

$22.00 $36.00

Kaleido Purple Eye Contacts | Half-Yearly

$24.00 $38.00

Do purple contacts look natural on my eyes?

Usually purple is an exaggerated color, and vibrant purple colored contacts are very perfect to wear on Halloween night or to create some movie or anime characters. In Kilala, you can choose Demon Purple to imitate the demon, also you can choose Kaleido Purple to get a natural look.

Can I buy purple contacts without a prescription?

Sure you can! All purple contacts from Kilala have both prescription and non-prescription forms, giving you the flexibility to choose the best degree for your vision requirements.

How long can I wear purple contacts?

Kilala offers purple contacts in daily/ monthly/ half-yearly and yearly frequencies, you can easily choose what you want among them.

To keep your eyes healthy and prevent from eye infections, please keep in mind that do NOT wear the contact lenses beyond their recommended replacement schedule.

Can I sleep with purple contacts on?

The answer is NO.

Sleeping with purple contacts or any other contacts on is deemed hazardous and may increase the likehood of developing a corneal infection.

For this reason, please keep in mind to take out your contacts before going to bed to reduce the chance of contracting an eye infection.