Are Color Contacts Bad for Your Eyes?

kilala Jan 28, 2023

There's a significant chance that you've thought of using a colored contact lens if you've ever desired to change the look of your eyes. While some people may use cosmetics or surgery to accentuate their eyes, wearing colored contact lenses is the only permanent option to alter the color of your eyes.

Even if colored contact lenses are often used and completely safe when recommended by a doctor, it's crucial to understand the fundamentals before deciding to change the color of your eyes to refresh your appearance.

A reasonably simple and affordable option to enhance your appearance without making a significant impact is using colored eye contacts. However, are colored contacts safe to use?

It all depends on your eye health, the colored contacts you get, and the brand you buy it from.

First of All, Are Color Contact Lenses Safe?

Yes, but the short answer is only if you have a prescription for such lenses. According to Andrea Thau, former president of the American Optometric Association, "all contact lenses are categorized as medical devices by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and require a valid prescription." She advises against placing them in your eyes without first contacting a physician.

You can find safe colored contact lenses in stores with various other types. For example, Kilala offers you vast types of colored contacts with a large bundle for you to choose from.

They're Very Similar to Regular Lenses

Regular contact lenses and colored ones are virtually identical except for the color. Clear lenses have identically crafted colored equivalents.

As a result, if you are accustomed to wearing contact lenses, you shouldn't experience any problems using colored lenses. Additionally, they will have a similar lifespan as conventional lenses. Since they could be a little thicker, some people might find them a little less comfortable, although the difference is typically slight. Additionally, a thicker lens may be simpler to insert and remove, which is a benefit.

Why Getting Colored Contacts Without Prescription is Unsafe?

Colored contact lenses that are not prescribed are often unsafe and should be avoided entirely. Even though it is against the law to sell non-FDA-approved contact lenses in the US, some less-than-trustworthy merchants will try to do so, particularly online.

Any contact lenses you buy without a prescription from your doctor have not been adjusted to your specific eye shape. Uncomfortable contacts can scrape your cornea, whether or not they are colored, resulting in viruses, corneal ulcers, scars, sagging eyelids, and even loss of vision.

Where to Buy Safe Colored Contacts?

The cardinal rule for purchasing safe colored contacts is never to purchase contacts from a source other than where you can find more types than just one.

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