Are Purple Eyes Real?

kilala Jan 28, 2023

The origins of Alexandria are nothing more than internet fiction. This assertion that human eyes may become purple or are naturally purple is untrue.

Alexandria's genesis, also known as purple eye sickness, is surrounded by a lot of myth and deception and little concrete evidence, according to people who are aware of it or have studied it.

In addition to having purple eyes, pale skin, no body hair, ideally shaped bodies, high levels of fertility in women without menstruation, and sound immune systems, over 150 persons who claimed to have this fictitious ailment are also said to have unique immune systems. In essence, they assert that they are ideal human beings.

On the contrary, several medical diseases can cause the iris to change color, despite Alexandria's genesis being a fictional disease. The iris' hue can vary depending on the surrounding circumstances.

Continue to read this post ahead to learn whether it is possible to have purple eyes naturally and what measures you can take to get purple contacts if you're so keen to learn how you will look with purple eyes.

Can You Have Naturally Purple Eyes?

It is possible to have purple eyes naturally. Several in-between hues, as well as numerous shades of blues and greys, may result in such eyes. Some people's natural pigmentation can even be violet or purple. However, this is relatively uncommon.

As you are aware, your eye color may vary based on the room's lighting, outfit, and cosmetics. Have you ever noticed that simply because you were wearing new clothing, your eyes looked to be entirely different?

What if you saw your loved one outside in the sunshine, their eyes glowing with excitement? The more light that reflects off of your eyes, the lighter they appear in color. By changing your attire or lighting, you may give the appearance of brighter, lighter, and more lively eyes.

Purple Contact Lenses to Explore

After looking at the facts regarding purple eyes, who's to say you can't have them? You can explore the range of purple contact lenses available at Kilala.

Let's look at two of the best purple contact lenses.

Kaleido Purple Contacts

If you have played with kaleidoscopes as a child, you will love these contacts more than anything. This phenomenon inspires these Kaleido contacts, and they present purple as the signature color. It features irregular patterns inside the circle's interior, like the kaleidoscope. It gives a dazzling hue and keeps looking amazing as someone looks closer into your eyes.

Wine Purple Contacts

These wine-colored lenses give you a sense of natural wine. Your eyes will give everyone around you an intoxicated feeling. You will find yourself seeing people fall for your eyes in no time. These are the lenses that can give you the edge over anyone else.

The radiation protection on these lenses allows you to block the harmful light created by electronic products.

Where to Get Purple Contacts?

Although we know that a person's eye color is greatly influenced by genetics, there is still a lot we don't know and need to learn.

Kilala helps you get the best colored eye contacts you could want. Since purple is such a rare color, you will be happy to find many options in the store!