Can Black People Have Blue Eyes?

kilala Mar 06, 2023

People receive comments on their large brown eyes since most people don't pay much attention to standard eye colors. Rare characteristics or odd pairings, like black people with blue eyes, tend to capture people's attention.

With 8 to 10% of people with blue eyes, blue is the second most prevalent color worldwide. Most of these individuals are of European heritage, although Black people can be born with blue eyes, notwithstanding how uncommon it is.

To comprehend how this unusual occurrence might develop, you must first examine the origins of blue eyes, which scientists claim to be a relatively recent phenomenon. This post will discuss the history of black individuals with blue eyes and provide ways to achieve them with colored contact lens.

What Caused Blue Eyes?

According to research, everyone on the globe had brown eyes at one point in the distant past. According to Professor Hans Eiberg and his group of Danish scientists from the University of Copenhagen, the first light-eyed human only appeared 10,000 years ago.

Although a genetic mutation affects black individuals similarly, it affects everyone else. It is uncommon to see a black child born with blue eyes because the mutation originated in Europe. Ocular albinism or Waardenburg syndrome are two additional, though less frequent, causes of a black child's birth with blue eyes.

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The Takeaway!

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