Can Two Blue Eyes Make Brown?

kilala Feb 24, 2023

Parents with blue eyes cannot give birth to a child with brown eyes; for that matter, eyes that are green or hazel. This answer could surprise you if you were attentive during high school biology. We were always taught that children with blue eyes come from parents who had them. In other words, if one parent carries the gene for brown eyes, so will the other.

Several variables affect a child's eye color. Therefore, two blue-eyed parents can't create a brown-eyed kid since they lack the gene that causes brown eyes. The explanation is that brown eyes are dominant and blue eyes are recessive. Both parents must have the gene for blue eyes for a child to be born with them.

This post provides information about what happens when two parents with blue-colored eyes have a child and how you can get brown-colored contacts for yourself through Kilala if you haven't been born with them.

What Color Eyes Do Two Blue-Eyed Parents Make?

There is a 99% likelihood that a child born to parents with blue eyes will also have blue eyes. Due to the recessive nature of blue eyes, both parents must pass on the blue eye gene for their child to be born with them. There is only a 50% probability that a child will have blue eyes if one parent has blue eyes and the other has brown eyes.

Brown Colored Contacts

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The Takeaway!

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