Can you Use Eye Drops with Colored Contacts?

kilala Feb 27, 2023

Colored contact lenses like the Kilala colored contact lenses have taken the fashion and eye industry by storm. People wear coloured contact lenses to switch up their appearance or assume a unique identity.

But amidst its widespread allure and use, patrons have expressed concerns about its compatibility with eye drops. The answer you seek is embedded within this article, so read on!

Are Eye Drops Safe to Use with Colored Contacts?

The consensus is that eye drops are compatible with colored contact lenses, but caution must be applied. Generally, safety depends on the type and make of the eye drop.

While some eye drops pose no issues, others can cause significant damage to your colored contact lenses and may affect the eyes. Let’s explore the three major types of eye drops and their compatibility with Kilala colored contact lenses.

Saline Eye Drops

The primary ingredients in saline eye drops are sterile water and salt. They are generally used to rinse and clean the eyes and have little to no side effects when used with both colored and traditional contact lenses. You can safely use saline eye drops while wearing Kilala colored contact lenses.

Rewetting Drops

Rewetting drops serve to lubricate the eyes and minimize dryness and irritation. However, not all rewetting drops are authorized to be used with colored contact lenses. Thus , you must ascertain this by checking the label instructions before use. If the particular brand you have doesn’t support colored contact lenses, remove your contacts before using them. But if it does, you can use the drop with your contacts intact.

Medicated Eye Drops

As the name suggests, medicated eye drops are designed to treat specific eye problems such as allergies and red eyes. While few brands are compatible with colored contact lenses, most medicated drops are not and can severely damage your lenses. To be on the safe side, always remove your Kilala colored contact lenses before using medicated eye drops. Wait for at least 10 to 15 minutes before re-installing your contacts.

You should also bear in mind that some brands of eye drop feature oil-based ingredients that attach to the surface of the lens, causing blurriness or reduced visibility. If you have visibility issues after using eye drops with colored contacts on, remove the contacts and rinse them in a saline solution before re-installing.

Application Matters

The type and make of the eye drop aside, you should also apply the drops with caution to minimize infection and contamination risks. When applying the drop, ensure that the tip of the bottle is a distance away from your eyes. Maintaining direct contact can introduce bacteria into the solution or transfer germs into your eyes.

Overall, it is generally safe to use eye drops with colored contacts. But ensure to read the care label and follow the instructions of your doctor and the manufacturer. If it is deemed safe for use , you can go ahead, but if it is not, remove the contacts first before application.