Get Unique Pink Eyes with Kilala's Contact Lenses

kilala Feb 17, 2023

There was a period when everybody had brown eyes, but that most definitely isn't the situation now. While brown, blue, and green eyes are the most common eye colors, there are some distinctive and fascinating eye colors that you might not be aware of.

For example, people have started perceiving whether it is biologically possible to have pink eyes. Even though this is not a fact, people have also started looking for ways to get pink eye colors by finding lenses that do this for them.

Our eye color often significantly impacts how we see ourselves; in some situations, it may even be a genetic relic from our ancestors. It might not be easy even to see yourself with different-colored eyes. This post discusses how to get pink eyes with Kilala's pink contact lenses.


Kilala's Pink Contact Lenses

Kilala makes your life easier by providing a wide range of options in their pink contact lenses category. Let's explore them further.

Rice Wine Pink Contacts 👉

(Diameter: 14.2mm| Base curve: 8.6mm| Water content: 38%| Half-Yearly)     

The Rice Wine Pink contacts are inspired by looking at various cocktails and adding them to the mix. The designers of these lenses have created the sweetest and most creamy creation. These lenses are protected from radiation thanks to the protective technology keeping them safe from blue light thanks to electronic products. Get these to keep you looking unique and safe.

Arcadia Pink Blue Contacts👉

(Diameter: 14.2mm| Base curve: 8.6mm| Water content: 40%| Yearly)

With these fantastic Arcadia Pink Blue Contacts, life in paradise can be yours. These contacts are perfect for a day out for yourself. With the number of safety certifications they have, you will always remain in good hands.


Shyness Pink Contacts👉

(Diameter: 14.2mm| Base curve: 8.5mm| Water content: 58%| Daily)

If you have been in love before, then these lenses are the ones you have to go for. The Shyness Pink contacts bring out your hidden beauty with a light blush hue and keep you from tearing up with a hyaluronic acid component.

Saturn Pink-Purple Contacts👉

(Diameter: 14.2mm| Base curve: 8.6mm| Water content: 42%| Daily)

Are you looking to add some allure to your eyes? Inspired by the planet Saturn and its stunning ring system, these saturn pink-purple contacts feature a purple foundation adorned with a pink halo to complement your iris, which can effortlessly blends with your pupil color, creating an alluring starry effect in your eyes!

KOKO Pink-Purple Contacts👉

(Diameter: 14.2mm| Base curve: 8.8mm| Water content: 38%| Monthly)

By overlapping in a radial pattern, the light grey and purple designs produce a gradual fading effect from the center to the edges, which is further accentuated by the application of sweet pink makeup, resulting in a lovely and delightful appearance.


Final Words

At kilala, you can now get the lenses mentioned above, including more in their vast array of colored contact lenses. Explore your favorite ones and try them out for yourself! Shop at👉  now!