How Can I Change My Eye Color?

kilala Dec 07, 2022

The simple answer is, yes you can. In fact, you can have a different eye color for every day of the week if you want. Like the sound of that? Then read on….

What determines your eye color?

They say that eyes ‘are the windows to your soul’ and it’s true that when you first come face-to-face with someone, it’s your eyes that do a lot of the initial talking. They emit silent signals as to your mood (angry, sad, aloof, flirtatious, etc.) Eye color plays an important part too, particularly when attracting a potential new partner. With dating apps so popular, many hopeful love matches are swiped right based on eye color. So much so that a recent poll across different dating sites discovered that blue-eyed boys clocked the most ‘likes’ while hazel-eyed ladies scored highest.

You don’t have blue or hazel eyes? Don’t worry - we’ll sort that out later. But if you ever wondered why your natural pupils are the color they are, it’s all down to how much melanin is in the iris. Apparently stripped down, we all have brown eyes! It’s the amount of melanin in the iris and how it absorbs light that determines our eventual eye color. The more melanin there is, the less light is absorbed so we stick to brown. The less melanin there is, the more light is reflected out and so the eyes appear blue or gray. As for green and the lucky naturally hazel-eyed amongst us, their levels of melanin are hovering in the middle - there isn’t too much nor too little. It explains why sometimes green or hazel eyes seem to change color.

You may wonder why you were born with, say, blue eyes but now they’re deep brown. That’s the melanin darkening, just like it does to your skin and hair. By the time you’re six months old, you’ve got your eye color sealed for life. Well, sort of. Want to get those baby blues back - or see how you’d look with green, gray, brown, black, purple, or even pink eyes? It’s easy. Pop in a pair of colored contacts.


Where to buy colored contacts?

Kilala has over a hundred different designs of colored contacts to choose from - available both on and without prescription - to enhance the intensity or change your eye color completely. Made from silicon hydrogel, what’s great about these mini plastic masterpieces is that they have the ability to replenish any lost moisture meaning more comfortable wear. What’s more, Kilala offers daily disposable, monthly, half-yearly, or yearly lenses so you can pick the pair that best suits your lifestyle and budget.

All you have to do is choose your color. Tempted to see how you’d look with those ‘most wanted’ hazel hues? No problem. Kilala has a full range of green colored contacts boasting differing tints and effects. The same goes if you’re up for a more drastic change, say with pink or purple contacts. Or if you prefer just to enhance the blue or brown that nature gave you, no problem. The possibilities - and choices - are endless.  

Perhaps there’s another reason to try contacts. You may have heterochromia (different color eyes,) you may have albinism (light blue, pink or red eyes,) anisocoria (when pupils are differing sizes,) an arcus senilis (a hazy ring) or wish to hide scarring. Some wearers even credit colored eye contacts for temporarily curing color blindness too! FDA-approved and trusted by leading industry professionals, Kilala’s colored contacts could boost your confidence, as well as your look.

Every pair of Kilala colored contacts comes with a free applicator and case (*daily contacts don’t have a case). If you’re going to wear any kind of contact lens, cleanliness is key. Keep your lenses and the case clean of any makeup or debris to prevent harmful bacteria from getting into your eyes. Always wash and dry your hands before touching them, use only contact-care solution (never tap water), and dispose of them once their validation date has passed.

Whether it’s for functional or fashionable reasons, it most definitely is possible to change your eye color. So what are you waiting for…..?