How do I avoid Looking Tacky in my Colored Contacts?

kilala May 15, 2023

Colored contact lenses are leaving a remarkable trail on the fashion scene. What with everyone keying into the trend? While it is an effortless look to pull off, you can still look tacky if you don’t nail the technical expertise. Here are tips and tricks for using colored contact lenses like a fashion guru.


#1 Go with a Shade that Matches your Complexion

When selecting contacts like the Kilala colored contact lenses, opt for a hue that complements your skin tone and natural eye color. Don’t go for shades that make you look “superficial” or “garish.” For example, if you have warm undertones, earthy hues like hazel will give you a million-dollar look. Cooler undertones, on the other hand, go best with shades of gray or blue. So choose wisely!


#2 Keep your Makeup in Mind

Your makeup may be why your contacts look tacky and unpolished. Steer clear of dramatic shadows that overpower your lenses and make them look superficial. Instead, consider neutral shades to accentuate your lenses and harmonize your overall makeup look. Keep your eye makeup in mind when wearing contact lenses to achieve an understated yet transformative look.

#3 Select Realistic Designs


Kilala colored contact lenses deliver a broad selection of contacts in varying natural-looking patterns and designs. If you don’t want to look tacky or unpolished, choose colored contact lenses reminiscent of the natural textures and patterns in real eyes. Likewise, don’t pick up lenses with exaggerated or unrealistic designs. But if dramatic lenses are your cup of tea, tone down your makeup and ensemble to avoid the “ tacky vibe.”

#4 Don’t neglect Hygiene and Proper Care

The way you handle your colored contact lenses can contribute to your looking tacky. Maintaining proper hygiene and care isn’t limited to improving eye health; it also promotes the look and feel of your colored contact lenses. Most lenses, like the Kilala colored contact lenses come with special care instructions.


Clean your contacts regularly per the guidelines on the label and store them properly when not in use. Do not wear your lenses for prolonged periods or share them with others. Taking absolute care of your colored contacts maintains their quality and prevents any buildup that can lead to a cloudy and unattractive appearance.

#5 Embrace Confidence

You can wear the best-looking colored contact lenses in the world and still appear tacky if you don’t have enough confidence to flaunt them. Wear your colored contacts with the pride of a peacock. When you feel confident and comfortable, it will reflect in your overall disposition and carriage. And this will enhance your appeal and personality. Confidence can make something cheap feel expensive. Confidence can make your colored contact lenses the best thing since sliced bread.


In a Nutshell

Your Kilala colored contact lenses are as fashionable as you make them. Choose carefully and wear wisely. Opt for shades that complement your natural eye color and skin tone. Don’t go for superficial patterns and designs. Exaggerated eye shadows or makeup are a no-no. Prioritize hygiene and proper care. And most importantly, let your confidence shine through your lenses!