How Long Do Colored Contacts Last?

kilala Jan 28, 2023

After you break the seal on colored contact lenses, they can last for anywhere between a day and a year. However, it depends on the particular brand and lenses you're using. The lifespan of some varies.

To find out the precise date that your colored eye contacts will expire, refer to the package that they were supplied in. Unfortunately, no one can provide you with a conclusive response. Before using colored contacts, always get expert advice from an specialist eye care provider.

This post will help you determine the period you want your contact lenses to last, including the different ones available for you to purchase.

Replacement Cycles in Colored Contact Lenses

Colored contact lenses are available in various replacement cycles, daily, monthly, quarterly, and even yearly, much like ordinary contact lenses. Your choice of replacement cycle is entirely up to you.

It's vital to remember that day 1 begins once your lenses are opened. Although colored contact lenses have expiration dates, they typically last long, and your lenses can be kept in their unopened packets for a while. Your lens replacement cycle will start after the seal has been broken and the lens has been opened.

Daily colored contact lenses could be an excellent option if you're new to colored contact lenses and want to play around with color before committing to a longer replacement cycle. Your unique eye is another consideration. If you need prescription lenses, some people find that longer-wearing yearly lenses are more suitable and economical for daily use.

To help you choose the ideal colored contact lens for you, Kilala offers a variety of replacement cycles. Choose one that suits your preferences:

Frequency of Colored Eye Contacts

Kilala offers various time limits for your colored contact lenses, so you can pick however long or short-lasting you want.

Daily Contacts

Daily colored contact lenses must only be used once removed from their soaking solution. The lenses may be worn on the eye for around 8 hours after application, although this might vary across brands, so read the box for manufacturer recommendations.

Monthly Contacts

Monthly colored contacts are perfect for individuals who wish to incorporate that upgrade into their daily lives. They must be kept in a contact lens solution every night and have a shelf life of roughly 30 days after opening.

Half-Yearly Contacts

Half-yearly contacts give you the experience of figuring out which colored lenses are for you. There is a chance you get bored of the colored contacts you have, and you would have the option to change them after few months.

Yearly Contacts

These contacts are for people who have busy schedules and do not want to regularly indulge in getting their lenses changed daily or monthly. Some of you have hectic lives and want to make them more accessible, so yearly contacts are your best bet.

Key Takeaway!

It's a terrific way to improve your appearance to use colored contact lenses, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Kilala can provide you access to all the colored contact frequencies, and you may pick the ones you want.

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