How Many Eye Colors are there?

kilala Jan 31, 2023

The human populace features several unique eye colors that are a direct result of genetics and recently,  technology-driven contact lenses. Read on to learn more.

What Determines Eye Color?

Gene experts have proven that eye color is a genetic trait that is influenced by the amount of pigment in the iris and how the iris distributes light. Thanks to this factor, people have varying eye colors including brown, gray, green, blue, and hazel.  Let’s take a brief and eye-opening look at common eye colors.

Brown Eyes

Brown eyes are the most common of the bunch. 55% of the human populace has brown eyes. The color stems from melanin, a dark pigment that is present in the iris.

Blue Eyes

Blue eyes are not as common as brown eyes, but they leave a striking impression. Only 8% of the world’s population have genetically-influenced blue eyes. People with blue eyes have minimal melanin and their iris peculiarly transmits light.

Green Eyes

Like blue eyes, green eyes are a rare occurrence, only seen in about 2% of the human population. Green eyes are the direct result of the melanin level in the iris and how it disseminates light. A person with green eyes has more melanin than someone with blue eyes but less than that a brown-eyed person.

Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes are another unique and rare eye color, with only about 5% of the human race sporting the trait. Hazel eyes are known to change color depending on lighting or mood. It is a beautiful and striking combination of brown, green, and gold.

Gray Eyes

Gray eyes are exceedingly rare as well. It is only seen in about 2% of the populace. Whereas other eye colors are affected by melanin, gray eyes are a product of the absence of melanin in the iris which promotes increased light transmission, thus coloring the eyes gray.


Redefine Your Eyes!

People are attracted to unique eye colors for cosmetic reasons and visual interest. Colored eye contacts are to the rescue if you want a certain eye color but aren’t genetically wired to have your wish.

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The Bottom Line

With Kilala, you don’t have to stick to a color scheme that complements your natural eyes. You can explore your fantasies while living your reality. And oh, there is also the anti-blue light lens collection that minimizes screen-induced eye damage. So step out of your bland comfort zone and embrace a colorful world!