How Rare Are Grey Eyes?

kilala Jan 28, 2023

The eyes are a distinctive feature that comes in various hues and tints. While brown, blue, and green eyes are the most common eye colors, there are some unique and fascinating eye colors that you might not be aware of.

Continue to read this post ahead if you want to learn how rare grey eyes are. The post will provide insights into grey eyes and some special colored contact lenses you can find.

More About Grey Eyes

Grey eyes are the rarest and most enigmatic of all eye colors, making up about 3% of the world's population. 

We are all aware that two major elements contribute to grey eyes. Have you ever thought about the most uncommon and enigmatic eye hues and why they may exist?

The pigmentation of the iris and the frequency-dependent regulation of dispersion by the turbid foundation in the stroma of the iris are two of the main factors that affect eye color.

Depending on the pigment epithelium, stroma, and amount of melanin present, the iris color of human eyes can range from light brown to black. The Tyndall scattering of light in the stroma causes the hue of blue. You could have a hazy understanding of the causes of grey eyes at this time.

Best Grey Contact Lenses

Kilala grey contact lenses save the day for those who naturally do not have grey eyes. Let's look further at the types of grey lenses you can find.

Medusa Grey Contacts

These incredible grey contact lenses are named after Medusa, the goddess who shed tears once in her life. Her eyes could shake people's souls, and with these grey Medusa lenses, anyone will become lost in your eyes.

These lenses have a water content of 38%, and once you are done wearing them, they can be replaced every 6 months.

Jelly Grey Contacts

These lenses combine the idea of a panda and jelly and create this unique contact. If you enjoy looking cute, these Jelly lenses are the ones for you.

These come from the Gummy Bear Series of Kilala and have a water content of 38%. The primary diameter of these lenses is 14.5mm, and they can also be replaced within 6 months.

Fireworks Grey Contacts

Fireworks look amazing when they blow up in the sky, and that's precisely how these lenses were pictured. They have a brown pattern across them which is scattered into a grey color to a radical shape. It gives you the idea that fireworks are vanishing in your eyes and shining before they disappear.

Made for the Colorful Blocks Series, these also consist of a water content of 38%. These are to be replaced in a month and have a graphic diameter of 14.2mm.

Gifted Grey Contacts

Gifted grey lenses are a part of Kilala's flagship series. The lenses are crafted to ensure that you feel powerful with your gaze. You can also feel like you're shining in the spotlight with these lenses and feel like the movie star you have always been gifted to be.

The Takeaway!

Kilala is the perfect choice for those looking for the best and most unique grey lenses for themselves. Finding them in many different shapes and patterns is rare, but Kilala has it all! Don't be hesitated, now to explore the grey contacts in Kilala!