What is the Most Attractive Eye Color?

kilala Jan 12, 2023

Beauty, it has been said for ages, is in the eye of the beholder. But what if the beauty was, in part, figuratively and literally, in the eye of the beholder? It might be difficult to identify what makes a profile stand out from the crowd in this day and age of online dating apps when first impressions matter less and less. However, recent studies show that the color of your eyes may have a minor impact on your attractiveness. Find out which eye color grabs the most attention below!

What is the most attractive eye color?

The eyes are the most expressive part of the face and can reveal a lot about a person's inner state. It's vital to remember that people are more than the sum of their physical features while debating whether people have gorgeous eyes in the world. Eyes are one of the most distinguishing features of a person due to their wide variety of color, shape, and contrast.

We're all partial to a certain shade of eyes, whether they belong to ourselves, our significant others, or our children.

Despite the prevalence of music celebrating women with either blue or brown eyes, neither hue was deemed preferable. People with blue eyes are stereotypically thought to be more attractive, but this isn't easy to confirm in experiments.

Although many people report that they find those with blue eyes to be more beautiful, additional research has shown that this is not the case.

On the other hand, grey eyes averaged 7.4, which put them ahead of blue eyes (7.3) and green eyes (7.3). When asked which eye color they found most appealing, men said grey, blue, and green, while women said green, hazel, and grey.

While it's true that blue eyes stand out more, the truth is that brown eyes have their own set of benefits as well. Brown-eyed persons are more protected from the sun and less likely to develop eye disorders because their irises contain the most common pigment, melanin. Hazel eyes come up at number two for melanin content, but they have a unique combination of gold, brown, and green that makes up the majority of the iris. As a result, people with hazel eyes are often voted as having one of the most desirable eye hues.

Males with blue eyes are considered more beautiful

For men, blue eyes were the overwhelming winner, accounting for 27% of all matches, while the next most common eye color, brown, only received 22%. It is possible that a preference for blue eyes is associated with positive past experiences and feelings of safety with people who have blue eyes, leading to the release of happy hormones. which your memory may be recalled when you are looking for a future partner or date. 

Purple eyes, which don't exist in nature and can only be created with colored contact lenses, received barely 8% of all matches.

For women, hazel is the most desirable eye color

The findings were less clear-cut for female participants. For the record, hazel eyes got more "likes" than any other color, but only by one vote over purple eyes, which don't exist in nature.

To no one's surprise, those with green eyes fared the worst, with only 11% of matches being made. Brown eyes, the most prevalent in the globe, received only 13% of all matches, while blue eyes, the most preferred for men, tended toward the bottom half of the list.

Most widely worn colored lenses

We looked at Google search statistics to find out what color individuals were most interested in trying. Although brown is one of the most common eye colors, our research indicates that green is the most preferred color for contact lenses. While blue and hazel eyes are generally considered the most desirable, they are really the least common.

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Although it's true that blue eyes are more striking, brown eyes have their own distinct charm. There are others who think green eyes are the most appealing because of how uncommon they are. The human eye is the most expressive part of the face and may reveal a lot about a person's inner state. It's crucial to keep in mind that various people place different values on different attributes while evaluating which persons have gorgeous eyes in the world. Various people have distinctly shaped eyes, different colored irises, and varying degrees of contrast between the two.