Where can I buy Colored Contacts Near Me?

kilala Jan 31, 2023

Colored Contact Lenses

There is a recent frenzy for contact lenses in the fashion industry and beyond as people are keen on making a statement with stunning eye colors. Men and women alike have taken to the trend; some for corrective reasons and others for cosmetic purposes.

Whether you want prescription-based contact lenses or simply want to look fabulous, you can get colored eye contacts from several outlets. However, you need to tread carefully when buying contact lenses to avoid falling for substandard and potentially harmful products. Here are some select places you can shop for contact lenses within your city, neighborhood, or street.

1. Online Retailers

Reputable online retailers like Kilala sells a variety of contact lenses ranging from prescription to cosmetic lenses to anti-blue light lenses. Most people elect to buy online because of its versatility and convenience. At Kilala for instance, you can choose from an exhaustive selection of lenses in various colors and specifications including daily, monthly, half-yearly, and yearly contacts.

The lenses are of superior quality and the shopping experience is second to none. It is important to buy from credible online vendors as there are many bogus stores offering counterfeit lenses that may or may not harm your eyes.

2. Cosmetic and Beauty  Stores

You can get contact lenses from cosmetic and beauty stores within your area or city. They typically offer a vast selection of lenses in different colors. However, these stores only sell cosmetic colored contact lenses and may not offer monthly contacts or other long-term replacements.

It is imperative to reiterate that the contact lenses that are sold in these stores are not meant to correct vision but to beautify the eyes. so if you need prescription-based lenses, you have to look elsewhere.

3. Physical Retail Stores

Popular retail stores like Walmart and the like often sell a limited selection of colored contact lenses. Also, this is not the best option for those looking for prescription contacts or yearly or half-yearly contacts. You can patronize these stores if you are only looking to explore contact lenses for cosmetic reasons. Otherwise, it is best to explore other options like reputable online stores.

4. Halloween and Costume Stores

This is the least recommended outlet to shop for contact lenses. However, they sell a limited selection of colored contacts for special effects and to enhance a costume. The colored lenses in these stores are often of inferior quality and are not expert-approved for safe use. You are least likely to get quality daily contacts, prescription lenses, or anti-blue light-colored contacts from a costume or Halloween store.


Get Prescriptions from a Licensed Optometrist

If you are looking to buy prescription-based contact lenses, you must consult a licensed optometrist or eye care professional to get the right size and prescription that is suited to your specific eye needs. Some of these professionals sell colored contacts but if they don’t, you can use their expert recommendations as a yardstick to buy contact lenses from a credible source.


The Bottom Line

Renowned online retail stores like Kilala are often the best choice for buying colored contact lenses. It is stress-free, convenient, and quality-assured. Plus, you will get a wide range of options to choose from. And how amazing it is that you don’t have to lift a foot to get your desired contacts — you only need your mobile device or laptop and a few clicks!