Best Colored Contacts for Dark Eyes

If you don't know which contacts fit your dark eyes, these are good choices for you! Change your appearance in a subtle way with Kilala colored contacts.

What color contacts are best for dark eyes?

Opaque contact lenses are ideal if you have dark eyes. Try light brown or hazel colored contacts to look more natural

Do colored contacts work on dark eyes?

Of course. No matter what color eyes you have, you can try colored contact lenses. If you have dark eyes and want to try to change the color of your eyes or go with a more colorful look. There are countless options available to you.

What shade of contacts goes with dark brown eyes?

If you want to stand out from the crowd, then choose contact lenses in a more vibrant color. Blue, green, conspicuous gray, pink, or purple will do. Bright, striking lenses might offer you a new look if you have a dark skin tone.

Where to buy non-prescription colored contacts for dark eyes?

In Kilala, we offer you prescription contacts and non-prescription colored contacts, you can choose according to your needs. Non-prescription colored contacts have no lens power to correct vision problems. (These are also called plano colored contacts.)