Gummy Bear Brown Contacts | Half-Yearly

$38.00 $26.00

More noticeable on dark eyes!

Inspiration-Gummy Bear & Jelly

The Kilala Gummy Bear is the classic style of this series. Do you like the jelly drops? Soft and sweet, right? Take this Gummy Bear Brown, to be a cute girl!

Why Kilala Contacts are your best choice?

1、Effectively Block Blue Light
Radiation protection technology effectively blocks the harmful blue light produced by electronic products.

2、Hyaluronic Acid Component
The unique moisturizing factor can firmly lock up water.

3、FDA & CE & ISO Marks
All Kilala Contacts have approved the FDA, CE and ISO safety certifications.

4、High Oxygen Permeability
With high oxygen permeability and high water content(Up to 58% for clear contacts), Kilala contacts can make your eyes soft and comfortable all day!